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 1Studies in medieval Islamic art
Grabar, Oleg
Islam Konst Allmänt/Grabar
1976Book or leaflet  
 1Wit & humour in ancient Egypt
Houlihan, Patrick F.
MME Hist/Kult.hist/Houlihan
2001Book or leaflet  
 1Cyprus : from the Stone age to the Romans
Karageorges, Basos, 1929-
Ark Cyp/Karageorghis
cop. 1982Book or leaflet  
 1The ancient Orient : an introduction to the study of the ancient Near East
Soden, Wolfram von
Ark Fr Or/Soden
1994Book or leaflet  
 1Images of myths in classical antiquity
Woodford, Susan
Konst Allm/Woodford
2003Book or leaflet  
 1Islamic visual culture, 1100-1800
Grabar, Oleg, 1929-
Islam Konst Allm/Grabar
cop. 2006Book or leaflet  
 1Surviving Greek tragedy
Garland, Robert
Litt.hist Grek/Garland
2004Book or leaflet  
 1Military orientalism : Eastern war through Western eyes
Porter, Patrick, 1976-.
Hist Övr/Porter
2009.Book or leaflet  
 1Soulful creatures [Texte imprimé] : animal mummies in ancient Egypt : [exposition organisée par le Brooklyn Museum]
MME Hist/Kult.hist/Soulful
2013, cop. 2013.Book or leaflet  
 1Handbook for classical research
Schaps, David M.
Hist Allm/Schaps
2011Book or leaflet