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 4Naga-ed-Dêr stelae : of the first intermediate period
Dunham, Dows
MME Språk/Dunham
1937Book or leaflet  
 4'Never had the like occurred' : Egypt's view of its past
MME Hist/Kult.hist /Never
2003.Book or leaflet  
 4Burial assemblages of dynasty 21-25 : chronology - typology - developments
Aston, David A.
MME Allm/Aston
2009Book or leaflet  
 3Looking North : Art from the University of Alaska Museum.
utställningskat. : Seattle : Univ. of Alaska Museum : 1998
1998Book or leaflet  
 3Ancient glass
Henderson, Julian, 1953-
Konst Glas/Henderson
2013Book or leaflet  
 3A new method for dating ancient glass
Brill, Robert H.
Särtryck: Braidwood-Buxton Dudley
 Book or leaflet  
 3Glass from the Corning museum of glass : a guide to the collection
Mus.kat/Corning [Glass]
1974Book or leaflet  
 2Das Weib bei den Naturvölkern
Reitzenstein, Ferdinand von
Allmänt : Reitzenstein
[1923?]Book or leaflet  
 2The patterned skin : ethnic scarification in developing Ghana
Knudsen, Christiana Oware
Afrika : Knudsen
2000Book or leaflet  
 2Orientalist photographs : 1870-1950
Milet, Eric.
Afrika : Milet
c2008.Book or leaflet